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Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Marla Hanson
Well, I wrote this entry once, then tried to insert some pictures. But all I got was numbers and funny things. I did upload some picture and tried to tag them to Family Pictures, but not too sure where they are now. I am not working today at Loralee's. It is raining today and rather grey. But the trees, especially the maples are in glowing color, reds, oranges, yellows and they make the whole street shine in living color. I do so enjoy the Fall colors here in Oregan. I got a note from Nina with pictures of her daughter's wedding. Looked like a very pretty wedding. This is where I tried to insert pictures, but did not seem to be able to do that.

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Don't give up! I'm just finding my way around, too. Your site looks nice, and I finally was able to bring it up!
Have a good evening!

You have uploaded it into your scrapbook Grandma! Here is the link:

Tags are like little notes you leave for yourself. So if you go into my journal and click on chooks all the entries that I have chated about my chickens and then added as a tag will show up. Kinda nifty when you want to look for something.

O.K. Can I move the pictures to my journal from Scrapbook? How do I get pictures into my journal. Grandma

Hi Grandma - Sorry it has taken me a bit to answer, I have just been too busy to turn my computer on at home. Hope this instructions are clear enough for you:

1. Click "post" to write another journal entry.
2. Type in all the bits you want - title and body of journal entry.
3. Click the little yellow square that has the mountain on it - when you hover over it is says "insert/edit photo.
4. A box comes up with "image properties" click the "upload" tab.
5. Select the circle that says "image from scrapbook gallery" the click "next".
6. Then a little thumnail comes up with all your galleris - choose a gallery by clicking on a picture then all your pictures in that gallery show up.
7. Select the photo you wish to share by clicking on it - it will come up as a bigger picture in preview mode - then click "ok".
8. Now it is in the body of your journal entry.

Let me know if this is confusing. I can send you an e-mail with pictures of each step to make it easier. Otherwise go picture sharing crazy if you understand! :)

Love you!

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